Camp Code of Behavior Covenant 2019

Please read carefully and share with your camper

This event is an experience in Christian living. Therefore, I am willing to assume these responsibilities, which will require certain behavior the entire time I am at camp.

I will be responsible for myself by agreeing to the following:

  • I will be honest and expect the same from others
  • I will attend all scheduled activities and meet time commitments unless excused by adult staff or chaperone
  • I will go to bed, stay in bed and be quiet from lights out until scheduled wake-up
  • I will take no unnecessary risks nor will I encourage others to do so
  • I will stay drug, alcohol and tobacco free except for prescription drugs listed on my medical consent, and over the content counter drugs administered by adult staff or chaperone

I will be responsible for others by agreeing to the following:

  • I will take into consideration the rights and feelings of others and respond to them in a loving manner
  • I will practice good stewardship by respecting the possessions  of others and the facilities where we stay
  • I will avoid being loud, crude or vulgar because such behavior intrudes upon the experience of others
  • I will be a positive influence on others

Consequences for breaking this covenant will be determined by adult staff/chaperones and may include the following:

  • I will pay for any damage I cause
  • I am aware that legal authorities will be called in if I act unlawfully
  • I will provide my own ride home if required to leave

I am willing to commit to this covenant so our retreat will be a safe and positive growing experience for everyone