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Far Cry 5 was one of the best games in the series, and yet New Dawn may have just eclipsed it with some fine-tuning and a brave new world to explore Demasiado simple y repetitivo, solo acusa algunas mejoras en los gráficos, con una narrativa simple y nada trabajada dejo la extremadamente colorida estética del juego al gusto de cada uno
With these weapons players can rain silent death from afar in long-range fights, melt enemies in mid-range with incendiary ammo, and the explosive ammo can do serious damage to the most heavily armored units Far Cry® New Dawn Deluxe Edition Upgrade to Deluxe Edition and receive the Digital Deluxe Pack

Far Cry New Dawn

I think Ubisoft's Far Cry formula is great fun, and this game's light RPG mechanics and superpower stuff along with the unusually colourful post apocalyptic setting made it much more interesting than the game it's borrowing it's landscape from.

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RDR2 was a much more fun game IMO
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Far Cry New Dawn: The 10 Strongest Weapons
This triggers Eden's Gift, giving the Captain superhuman strength and allowing them to beat the Twins until getting knocked out by a shotgun blast
Storywise the interesting villains are forced to make contrived decisions in order to force the plot forward, and half-way through you take a massive detour into New Eden and the story shifts from 'help your friends survive against bandits' to 'help the bad guys of the last game survive'
The story is set seventeen years after the events of Far Cry 5 Join fellow survivors and lead the fight against the dangerous new threat the Highwaymen, and their ruthless leaders The Twins, as they seek to take over the last remaining resources

Far Cry New Dawn

The nuclear war portrayed in Far Cry 5 has reshaped the landscape so that new areas have become available for the player to explore while others are inaccessible.

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You decide the level of difficulty of the game, what mission to do next, what enemy outpost you want to attack next and how to attack it, what facilities at the base to upgrade, and so on
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Build up your home base and recruit specialists to upgrade it as you unlock all-new features
Far Cry New Dawn
The northern part of the map is new, being the sanctuary of Joseph Seed