Every Summer in a Magical Place…

…there are hundreds of children & youth who come together for camp. There are day camps, public school camps, music camps, personal development camps, scout camps and church camps. The kids sing, they play, they pray, they love, they laugh and they learn to lead. They pack away a crazy amount of their all-time favorite camp food. Then they burn it off and pay it forward working on service projects around campus. The energy and the love these kids invest in each other, and in Luccock, are amazing to witness.

And, there are hundreds more college students and other adults, from all over the country, who visit Luccock for faith based camps, family reunions, team building retreats and to attend weddings and UMC services. Every visitor to Luccock leaves renewed and decompressed, and with a desire to return again, soon.

The magic? It’s in the mountains, the meadow, the creek and the waterfall. It’s in 400 year old heritage pines and all the creatures who nest and live in them and under them. It’s in every sunrise and sunset and every clear, dark night when you can see each star in the sky. It’s the incredible peace and beauty of God’s creation on this mountain. It’s in every campfire every evening, and it’s reflected in the eyes and the minds and the hearts of every individual we serve at Luccock Park.